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Basic Tumbling

This is the perfect class for athletes looking to build strong fundamentals, body control, core strength, and knowledge of tumbling forms and shapes. Athletes will progress from general strength building to back/front walkover skills and how to build power in shapes and angles.


This class is designed to work with athletes that can already perform a
bridge, and fall to bridge as well as understanding of a handstand position.  The class will focus on one footed back bend, bridge stand up, and round off.

Back Handspring

This is the perfect class to master your running/standing Back Handspring.  This class will also incorporate bounders and front handsprings to build a foundation of front tumbling.  Athletes must have a roundoff rebound, standing back handspring and back walkover to progress to Back handspring class.

Cheer & Dance

Our MOST POPULAR CLASS.  This is the perfect class for an athlete looking to train the multiple disciplines of cheer. The class will include training in stunting, tumbling, and jumping. Athletes will work to build the fundamentals of the various cheer skills needed to be on any cheer team.


Tucks class is focused on standing tuck, series handsprings to tuck, and roundoff handspring tucks, as well as punch front and front handspring punch front.  This class requires athletes must have their running and standing back handspring, as well as demonstrated proficiency ready to progress to free rotational skills.


This is a program designed to train your athlete in parkour, martial arts and tumbling. It is the perfect blend of disciplines to take your athlete to warrior status. The different elements combine to build overall strength for each athlete as well as teach them the different techniques used to perform aerial skills and vaults.
Coach helping pre school athlete stretch

Pre School

Open to children ages 2-5. This preschool program is designed to teach your child the principles of movement, build coordination, increase strength and body awareness.  In addition to the physical gains from our classes we will also work on learning in a community, following directions, sharing, and taking turns.

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